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We provide a complete suite of Ecommerce support options for all types of Ecommerce business and any budget. Our clients pay a monthly fee which best matches their budget starting from only £500 per month. Please get in touch to request a brochure using the button below.

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To ensure maximum customer satisfaction all support queries are processed via Zendesk and dealt with using a Kanban approach which results in average first response times of only a few hours, fast updates and 100% customer satisfaction.

All INDEZ Conversion Suite websites are "modular" which means that clients can start with a base set of functionality which matches their budget at launch then add new functionaility to your website as traffic, sales and profit increase.

In addition to providing proactive Magento patching we can also ensure that the many extensions which clients use are as up to date as possible to avoid any security vulnerabilities or related website stability issues.

INDEZ has advanced logging in place for all integrations which allows issues to be identified and usually fixed in pretty much real time. We can also update integrations as you business evolves to make it more streamlined and minimise workload.

As websites sales increase and business objectives evolve we are always at hand to add any bespoke functionality which you may require. Website updates can also be applied by 3rd parties or clients in-house using Developer Connect.

INDEZ provides proactive Magento patching to fix Magento vulnerabilities as they appear. Vunerabilities are usually patched the Next Working Day. You can test you website for Magento Security issues at

INDEZ Profit Optimiser

We provide a comprehensive range of profit optimisation and business growth services to help our clients maximise website ROI, marketing campaigns ROAS and company profitability e.g.

INDEZ Ecommerce Design
Enterprise Security Plus

We prove affordable, Enterprise-Level, PCI Compliant website/server security monitoring as part of all "Conversion Care" support contracts for client websites e.g.


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If you experience any problems please contact Gillian Mowforth on 0141 204 5297 or email



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