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INDEZ designs beautiful, high conversion Ecommerce websites, powered by smart technologies which integrate seamlessly with your business, with fast page load times and Global Enterprise-Level Hosting allowing our clients to sell to 80+ countries and grew (on average) by 65.4% in 2013.

Our objective is to make profit for our clients. We do this by planning, designing and building ecommerce websites; then maintaining and supporting their online growth and export sales. Throughout, we can direct, advise and transfer skills and knowledge through a range of support services.

Since 1995 INDEZ has been a significant innovator in ecommerce and since 2000 has maintained a string of internationally trading, multi-million turnover ecommerce businesses.

This journey has meant that there is an accumulation of skills and knowledge that we use to help guide long-term client relationships.

Throughout our 18 years in the ecommerce industry, we have been the Ecommerce Advisor to the the Scottish Government and more recently, to public sector bodies and national, independant IT  trade bodies.

Ecommerce Feasibility Testing

The first step for any new or start-up ecommerce enterprise. A quick, simple and cost-effective way to reduce business risk. To find out more, download our Feasibility Ecommerce Excellence Information Sheet.

Expert Advice

Most use this service pay-as-you-go. Work can cover channel conversion optimisation, and channel performance analysis, deep analytics, opportunity analysis, pricing, marketplace optimisation or simply providing expert answers to ecommerce questions. To find out more about Ecommerce Marketing and the support INDEZ can give you, please have a look at our Ecommerce Marketing Information Sheet.

Business Review Meetings

These involve remote teleconference or local group meetings, usually several hours long following a deep analysis of an ecommerce business. The output is a mutually agreed, ordered ‘things to do’ list. These can take place with whatever frequency is deemed necessary by the client.

Usability Testing

 INDEZ uses a global network of specialist ecommerce testers. We work with the client to define business scenarios and buying personas for the tests. Results delivered as a series of videos and a high-level executive report.

From start-ups to multinationals, we've taken companies from zero to eight figure turnover. To achieve phenomenal growth requires stunningly beautiful and usable websites - and that's exactly what our clients say our design team delivers.

''... the best looking sites on the web.''
Angus Ferguson, Managing Director, DemiJohn


Our websites are built on Magento. Others who use Magento include NorthFace, Lindt, PaulSmith, Olympus and Nike. Hundreds of thousands of ecommerce companies use Magento to future-proof their core business - however big you get.


On top of Magento we add innovative technology that pushes websites to new levels of performance. With INDEZcore technology we push new boundaries in responsive design making the sites render correctly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our approaches to export and internationalisation mean that local companies can sell profitably into truly global markets. With unparalleled support from our hosting partner Rackspace, we have devised solutions that ensure blisteringly fast delivery of ecommerce content across the planet.


The first important step in design is having a strong brand identity that promotes your brand values. With this, you will also need a set of branding guidelines that details the brand aesthetics and the core brand values.  This gives you strong foundations to build your brand online. Have a look at the INDEZ branding guidelines to get a better understanding of creating a strong brand.

The final step is to provide you with a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing website.  Whether you are promoting your own brand, or selling other brands, how your site looks contributes to your sales.

We concentrate on designing a site that appeals to your target market, sometimes this requires a lot of bespoke work, or sometimes, we like to keep it clean and simple and let your products do the talking.

Over the past year our ecommerce clients have grown their eight figure turnover by an average of over 60% and sold products B2B and B2C in over 70 countries.

Many of the things that cause good ecommerce businesses to grow is simply down to avoiding those things that cause them to fail and concentrating on things that provided the quickest, easiest and cheapest Return On Investment.


No two business are the same, no two people are the same and everybody had a different knowledge base when it comes to Ecommerce and Online Marketing, therefore we can either assist or guide you through an action plan that is designed to make your online business grow.

INDEZ offers fanatical attention to detail throughout the ecommerce funnel and conversion process. Many say this but we actually mean it and do it.


Our servers detect where visitors come from and, in combination with preferences set by the browser, deliver web pages that are optimised for every territory and region. If, for example, the visitor is in Japan and reads Japanese then the website will be in Japanese, prices will be in Yen, details such as a dress size are in Japanese sizing and courier details automagically adjust. All website details are ‘right’ for that part of the world, in short, it’s ‘being globally local’. Please refer to our Internationalisation Information Sheet for more details.

Multi Channel Marketing

Our sites can integrate with all the mainstream marketplaces and do so globally. Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Play-Rakuten are great ways to extend your reach, gain new customers and grow your brand. THis also includes Google's Paid Search Network ( PPC/Adwords) and Google Shopping.

Online Marketing

Online marketing, inbound marketing, social marketing, content marketing, SEO, link building... the list and buzzwords are endless. We can support you in these services, just let us know what help you need and we will do our best to support you.  To find out more about our marketing services, please see our Ecommerce Marketing Information Sheet.


Premium DNS support, the best firewalls available, ultra-high-tech servers with RAID and multiple redundancy alongside Content Delivery Networks all help ensure a great experience for customers everywhere in the world. Please read our Ecommerce Hosting information Sheet if you would like to know more about the INDEZ web hosting approach.

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