Ecommerce Training & Skills Roundtable

This FREE event run by the Ecommerce Club will be helpful for any Ecommerce business that is looking for help and guidance with skills and training for their own staff.

This event will run as a round table discussion where businesses will be able to contribute their views about what skills they and their staff require in order to grow their online trade sales and profits.

Claire Gillespie, Head of Digital at Skills Development Scotland and Maddy Green, Associate Dean at City of Glasgow College are today’s special guests.

Claire Gillespie

Claire Gillespie

Skills Development Scotland

Maddy Green

Maddy Green

City of Glasgow College

Likely topics to be discussed will include:

  1. What skills interventions are currently underway and at what level?
  2. Is ecommerce just online retail or does it extend to wholesale?
  3. What is the market demand for Ecommerce training and for what topics?
  4. Is Ecommerce a ‘one size fits all’ or is the training segmented on the type, maturity and size of the business?
  5. Is "not being a sector" holding back development in the area?
  6. Is ecommerce classed as part of fintech by the Scottish public sector?
  7. How can ecommerce be best used to export, and, is the rest of the UK now an export market?
  8. Who should provide the training and how can it be paid for?
  9. Why do no public sector organisations promote the Ecommerce Club?

Today’s event will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of what ecommerce training is available by both the public and private sectors and how you can gain access. The event will also involve feedback from business and industry to help shape how ecommerce skills and training might be provided and funded in the future.

Date & Time

9.30am-10.30am Tuesday 1st November 2022


Remote via "Google Meet"

Event Host

Ann-Maree Morrison
Dr Peter Mowforth

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