INDEZ Growth // Ecommerce Growth Package

Hybrid Agency & In-House Package for Rapid Ecommerce Revenue & Profit Growth

Rapid Business Growth & Automation

Annually, our Ecommerce clients generate over £100m in online sales and export to 148+ countries. We have a proven track record and have grown client Ecommerce revenue by an average of  +109% (2021), +120% (2020), +73% (2019) and +75% (2018).

Unique Hybrid Approach

The most successful growth projects are always those with a "hybrid" approach i.e. INDEZ's vast Ecommerce (Agency) experience working with dozens of mid-market merchants, combined with your In-House teams vast brand, product & sector knowledge.

Focussed on "Revenue" or "Profit"

Our INDEZ Growth packages can be configured in either "Revenue Growth" (e.g. those wanting to maximise brand value or with investors) or "Profit Growth" (e.g. smaller merchants with slim margins who need profit to reinvest in staff and growing their business).

Delighted Customers

We've dozens of testimonials from delighted customers which we're able to share with you on request. We can also arrange a call with them directly if you wish to speak to them directly.

Tailored Growth Packages

Every business is different and all of our Ecommerce growth packages are tailormade to fit your exact business circumstances e.g. internal staffing, where you're at on your Ecommerce journey, current marketing mix, growth targets, Ecommerce "ceiling" etc. Most of our packages contain the following components:


Please contact us for bespoke pricing for your project.

Client Growth (YoY)

Ecommerce Growth in 2021 for clients
Ecommerce Growth in 2020 for clients
Ecommerce Growth in 2019 for clients
Ecommerce Growth in 2018 for clients
£100+ million
Combined online revenue of clients.
£250+ million
Combined client offline+online revenue.
Countries exported to by our clients.
INDEZ Accelerator
INDEZ Dashboard
INDEZ Automation
Ecommerce Strategy
Real-time BI Dashboard
Business Process Automation
Warehouse & Fulfilment Automation
PPC & Marketing Automation
Channel Automation
CRO, UX  & Usability Testing
In-House Staff Training
Weaving "Efficiency" into your SOP’s

Work with a team that truly understands Ecommerce Growth

We've a proven track record with Ecommerce revenue growing (across all clients) by +109% (2021), +120% (2020), +73% (2019) and +75% (2018). Our Ecommerce clients generate over £100m in online sales.

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Dr. John McSloy presenting 11 days of a 12 day course Ecommerce Course (2020) at the Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde.

Read some amazing
case studies.

Below are some of the business which we've built new websites for and helped increase Ecommerce revenue by an average of 99% YoY (since 2018).

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