November 23, 2022

Ecommerce Club

Dr Peter Mowforth

Upcoming Events (Registered attendees receive details by email)

Ecommerce Club: Purpose & Operation

  • The objective of the Ecommerce Club is to network, educate and inform those involved in online trade; it provides a focus for the community that works in the ecommerce industry.
  • The Ecommerce Club welcomes speakers and organisations keen to help promote ecommerce skills, best practice, keeping up-to-date with the subject and providing news, advice, tips and guidance for those working in the area.
  • For the foreseeable future, the club is online-only and free to attend. Helpers do so because they are keen to see ecommerce promoted and done better by all those involved.

Ecommerce Club Format

  • Events take place between 9:30 and 10:30 on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Everyone that has signed up receives an invite that includes a link to the event. These can be set to be one-offs or as recurring diary events.
  • The events take place using Google Meet. If you are using the Chrome browser, just click the link. Safari users may first need to grant permission on their devices to access the camera, microphone and speakers.
  • Following a brief welcome, there is a roughly five minute update on specific news items (e.g. technical updates, legal changes, important trends and job vacancies) followed by either a single 40 minute talk or two 20 minute talks. The session ends with questions and interaction with the audience.


Scotland’s first Ecommerce Club was set up by Ann-Maree Morrison MBE in 2011 in Stirling. The club operated as a semi-informal gathering of suppliers, online trading businesses and hands-on practitioners with various venues including Codeclan Stirling. The club met every few weeks and combined shared discussions around specific ecommerce topics along with talks from guest speakers.

In 2019, INDEZ launched a similar Ecommerce Club using facilities offered by The City of Glasgow College. A parallel club focused on those based in Edinburgh was also launched by INDEZ in partnership with the Business School at Edinburgh University. These clubs were supported by several public sector bodies that helped advertise and promote events.

Ecommerce Clubs in Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow

Following the pandemic lockdown of March 2020 the various groups then moved the clubs online and, with the support of organisations such as STEP-Scotland, organised joint events on a monthly basis.

The main advantage of operating the Ecommerce Club virtually has meant that as well as being able to bring together those interested in ecommerce from Scotland, we have also involved presenters and participants from Sweden, Australia, Italy and across the rest of the UK.

The club also set up an advanced Ecommerce Club whatsapp group that grew out of the Ecommerce Scaleup course run at the University of Strathclyde Business School.

Sign-up to receive information on upcoming events HERE:

The club is looking at organising an annual EcommerceScotland event. If anyone is interested in helping or participating, please contact

Should you require any further information about the Ecommerce Club or if you are interested in partnering or speaking at the club, please contact either:

Dr Peter Mowforth, INDEZ, or Ann-Maree Morrison MBE, Labels4kids,

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