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Powerful Ecommerce Websites for Ambitious Merchants & International Brands

Magento, the Perfect Platform for Mid-Market Ecommerce

INDEZ specialises in building & supporting Ecommerce websites for mid-market Ecommerce businesses. Whether you're a B2B "merchant" or an ambitious B2C international "brand", Magento 2 is the perfect Ecommerce platform for you as it provides the most flexibility and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO, vs other platforms) once annual turnover exceeds £2+ million.

Engineered for Rapid Business Growth & Automation

All of our websites are engineered with all of the features, extensions and automations required for rapid growth of your B2C/B2B Ecommerce business. Our primary focus with all website builds is on Ecommerce growth. Our track record speaks for itself with client Ecommerce revenue growing (across all clients) by +109% (2021), +120% (2020), +73% (2019) and +75% (2018).

Magento Development Experience

Since 2012 we’ve built 45+ Magento 1 & 2 websites. Additionally, we've provided INDEZ Rescue services for over a dozen other Magento Ecommerce websites. Our clients turnover £100m in Ecommerce revenue with Ecommerce growth averaging 94% YoY since 2018.

Fully Responsive Design

All of our Magento 2 websites include our cutting edge INDEZ UX fully responsive framework which flexes and adapts to designs to all devices while passing all Google Core Web Vitals page speed and WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements.

Smart Websites with Machine Learning & Personalisation

Our websites come with a list of optional (3rd party) "extras" to take advantage of the latest developments in Machine Learning, Personalisation & Automation e.g.

  • Self-Learning internal site search and auto-complete
  • Smart category auto-merchandising
  • Personalised on-site product recommendations, up-sells & cross-sells
  • Email Marketing with personalised product recommendations
  • Intelligent Marketing Automation "Flows"
  • PPC Automation & Smart Bidding
  • Dynamic Retargeting on the Google Display Network, YouTube, Microsoft Audience Network, Facebook, Instagram and dozens other networks.
  • Marketplace price optimisation & automated repricing
  • Automated Google Shopping competitor price checking
  • Affiliate Marketing automation to save clients days of work each month

Fully GDPR & Cookie Compliant

All INDEZ Magento websites are fully GDPR & cookie compliant with have automated cookie scans and tight integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM) "Consent Mode".

Magento Pricing

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

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Work with a team that truly understands Ecommerce Growth

We've a proven track record with Ecommerce revenue growing (across all clients) by +109% (2021), +120% (2020), +73% (2019) and +75% (2018). Our Ecommerce clients generate over £100m in online sales.

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Dr. John McSloy presenting 11 days of a 12 day course Ecommerce Course (2020) at the Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde.

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Below are some of the business which we've built new websites for and helped increase Ecommerce revenue by an average of 94% YoY (since 2018).

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