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Affordable Ecommerce Websites for Brands & Merchants with Turnovers under £2 million

SaaS Ecommerce

If you're a "brand" or "small merchant", SaaS Ecommerce platforms like Bigcommerce & Shopify can be the perfect solution due to rapid time to market and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO, vs other platforms) for businesses with annual turnovers less than £2 million.

If your annual turnover or Ecommerce "ceiling" is considerably more than £2+ million/year then we suggest INDEZ Magento as it will have a lower TCO and has greater automation potential.

Time to Market and Build Costs

Due to BigCommerce & Shopify being a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, these websites can be built much quicker than other websites which lowers up-front costs significantly (e.g. half the "upfront" cost of Magento websites).

It's worth noting that as soon as you go above £1m in sales, Magento 2 Open Source has lower ongoing costs and as soon as you hit £2m turnover then Magento has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Choosing between BigCommerce & Shopify

Both of these SaaS Ecommerce platforms have their pros and cons, however "usually " Shopify is better for small "branded manufacturers" or those with (simple) Ecommerce subscription businesses.

BigCommerce is usually better for "merchants" and business that only require basic B2B functionality.

If you've a more complex business model, need a lot of customisation, need high levels of automation/integration, want to go fully international or have an annual revenue/ambition of £2m+ then Magento 2 Open Source is probably the better option.

Please contact us if you need help choosing which is the best Ecommerce platform for your business.

Engineered for Rapid Business Growth & Automation

Our primary focus with all website builds is on Ecommerce growth. All of our websites are engineered with all of the features, extensions and automations required for rapid growth of your B2C/B2B Ecommerce business. Our track record speaks for itself with client Ecommerce revenue growing (across all clients) by +109% (2021), +120% (2020), +73% (2019) and +75% (2018).

Free Demos Available

Please contact us if you'd like us to setup a free demo / walkthrough of how BigCommerce or Shopify can help your business.

Project Pricing

Please contact us for pricing for your project or if you wish to discuss know if SaaS Ecommerce is a better fit to your business than Magento (PaaS / Open Source Ecommerce).

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We've a proven track record with Ecommerce revenue growing (across all clients) by +109% (2021), +120% (2020), +73% (2019) and +75% (2018). Our Ecommerce clients generate over £100m in online sales.

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