March 24, 2021

Ecommerce Marketing Calendar for 2020

Dr Peter Mowforth

A great way to make your marketing campaigns more interesting and engaging is to theme them around the different seasons, the months and even specific days throughout the year. If you sell sportswear then having a newsletter that relates to the Rugby Five Nations or Wimbledon will aid engagement. Add a splash of colour to coincide with India’s Holi Day or focus on lighting during Diwali Day. Make some noise for Guy Fawkes night or offer a frightening bargain on Dios Los Muertos day. Offer something blue and white for St Andrews Day as well as anything associated with stars or stripes for US Indepence day.

To help you ensure that your marketing year ahead is fun, relevant and eye catching, INDEZ has put together an ecommerce marketing calendar. Print the pdf and pin it up in the office.

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