September 29, 2021

Ecommerce Marketing Calendar 2021

Dr Peter Mowforth

Here is the most comprehensive, accurate and easy to use ecommerce marketing campaign planning resource for events, holidays and themed dates throughout 2021.

        Italicised dates are ones that change each year    |    Bracketed content denotes national campaigns


1st January - New Year’s Day
1st - 31st January - Dry January
1st - 31st January - Ginuary (UK)
1st - 31st January - Walk Your Dog Month
1st - 31st January - Veganuary
2nd January - Science Fiction Day
4th January - National Trivia Day
5th - 11th January - Golden Globe Awards
5th January - Bird Day
6th January - National Shortbread Day
7th January - Orthodox Christmas Day
8th January - Bubble Bath Day
11th January - 17th January - Houseplant Week (UK)
11th January - Apples Day (De)
12th January - Kiss A Ginger Day
14th January - Dress Up Your Pet Day
15th January - Hat Day (UK)
17th January - World Religion Day
18th January - Blue Monday; gloomiest day of the year
18th January - 24th January - Sugar Awareness week
18th January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
18th January - Brew Monday; celebrating tea (UK)
18th January - Winnie the Pooh Day (UK only)
19th January - International Popcorn Day (US)
19th - 23rd January - London Art Fair
20th January - Cheese Lovers Day
23rd January - National Handwriting Day
23rd January - National Pie Day (US)
24th January - Belly Laugh Day
24th January - Beer Can Appreciation Day
24th January - National Compliment Day
25th January - Burns Night
26th January - Australia Day
26th January - Spouses Day
27th January - Chocolate Cake Day
29th January - Puzzle Day
30th January - 6th February - National Storytelling Week (UK)
31st January - Inspire Your Heart With Art Day


1st - 28th February - Black History Month
1st - 28th February - LGBT History Month
2nd February - National Groundhog Day
3rd February - Girls and Women in Sports Day
5th February - Wear Red Day
5th February - World Nutella Day
6th February - 20th March - Rugby 6 Nations
6th February - National Chopsticks Day
7th February - Yorkshire Pudding Day
7th February - Super Bowl
8th - 21st February - Australia Open (Tennis)
8th - 21st February - FIS Alpine World Ski Championships
9th February - Pizza Day
10th February - Umbrella Day
11th February  - Inventors Day
12th February - Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox)
13th February - Galentine’s Day
13th February - International Shawarma Day
14th February - Valentine’s Day
14th February - BAFTAs
14th February - International Book Giving Day
15th February - Singles Awareness Day
15th February - US Presidents’ Day
15th February - Family Day (Canada)
16th February - Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)
16th February - Mardi Gras Day
17th February - Ash Wednesday
17th February - Random Acts of Kindness Day
18th February - National Battery Day
20th February - Love Your Pet Day
22nd February - Margarita Day
22nd February - March 7th - Fairtrade Fortnight
23rd February - 7th March - Nordic World Ski Championships
25th February - National Chili Day (India)
27th February - National Retro Day
28th February - Golden Globes
28th February - Floral Design Day


1st  March - St David’s Day
1st  March - National Pig Day1st March - Beer Day (Iceland)
3rd March - National Anthem Day
3rd March - Mulled Wine Day
4th March - World Book Day
4th March - National Sons Day
5th March - 14th March - British Science Week
5th March - Dress in Blue Day
5th March - Employee Appreciation Day
6th March - 21st March - America's Cup (Sailing)
6th March - Frozen Food Day
7th March - Cereal Day
8th March - 14th March - National Butchers Week
8th March - International Women’s Day
9th March - Barbie Day
9th March - Meatball Day
10th March - Pack Your Lunch Day
11th March - National Worship of Tools Day
11th March - 14th March - Crufts (Dog competition, UK)
12th March - Plant a Flower Day
13th March - Good Samaritan Day
13th March - Jewel Day
14th March - Mother’s Day
14th March - Children’s Craft Day
14th March - Potato Chip Day
15th March - The Grammy Awards
15th March - National Everything You Think is Wrong Day
15th March - 21st March - Nutrition and Hydration Week
15th March - National Shoe the World Day
16th March - Young Carers Awareness Day (UK)
16th March - Everything You Do Is Right Day
16th March - Freedom of Information Day
17th March - St Patrick’s Day
18th March - Global Recycling Day
18th March - National Awkward Moments Day
19th March - Comic Relief (Red Nose Day, UK)
19th March - International Poultry Day
19th March - Chocolate Caramel Day
19th March - 21st March - World Athletics Indoor Championship
20th March - World Oral Health Day
20th March - First Day of Spring
20th March - International Day of Happiness
20th March - Proposal Day
21st March - International Day of Forests
21st March - National Fragrance Day
21st March - National Single Parent Day
21st March - International Poetry Day
22nd March - 28th March - Complementary Therapy Week (UK)
22nd March - World Water Day
23rd March - National Puppy Day
23rd March - National 3-D Day
25th March - International Waffle Day
26th March - Purple Day (UK)
26th March - National Spinach Day
28th March - BST starts
30th March - Doctors Day
30th March - National I Am in Control Day
30th March - World Idli Day
31st March - National Crayon Day
31st March - British national jam day (UK)


1st  April - April Fool’s Day
1st April - 10th May - Pet Month (UK)
2nd April - Good Friday
2nd April - International Children's Book Day
3rd April - Find a Rainbow Day
3rd April - National Tweed Day
3rd April - National Handmade Day
4th April - 18th April - Discover National Parks Fortnight (UK)
4th April - Easter Sunday
4th April - National Vitamin C Day
4th April - International Carrot Day
5th April - 11th April - Community Garden Week (UK)
5th April - Easter Monday
5th April - Gold Star Spouses Day
5th April - National Caramel Day
5th April - 11th April - Golf Masters
6th April - New Beer’s Eve
6th April - National Tartan Day
7th April - National Beer Day (US)
7th April - National Walking Day
8th April - National Zoo Lovers Day
9th April - Cherish an Antique Day
10th April - Siblings Day
10th April - Grand National (Horse Racing)
11th April - National Pet Day
14th April - National Gardening Day
17th April - 3rd May - World Snooker Championship
17th April - Malbec World Day
17th April - National Espresso Day (Italy)
18th April - 24th April - English Tourism Week
18th April - World Trifle Day
19th April - Bicycle Day
19th April - National Garlic Day
19th April - Beef Olive Friday
20th April - National Look Alike Day
21st April - National Tea Day (UK)
21st April - National Kindergarten Day
22nd April - May 4th - The Big Pedal (Cycling, UK)
22nd April - Earth Day
23rd April - St George’s Day
23rd April - National Picnic Day
23rd April - German Beer Day (De)
25th April - Denim Day
25th April - National Roast Potato Day (UK)
26th April - Kids and Pets Day
26th April - World Intellectual Property Day
27th April - 2nd May - National Gardening Week
27th April - National Tell a Story Day
27th April - Scottish Rum Day (UK)
28th April - National Superhero Day
29th May - National Biscuit Day (UK)
30th April - International Jazz Day


1st May - May Day
1st May - 30th May - National Walking Month (UK)
1st May - National Fitness Day
2nd May - National Lemonade Day
3rd May - Garden Meditation Day
3rd May - National Textiles Day
 4th May - Star Wars Day
 4th May - National Teacher Appreciation Day
 5th May - National Astronaut Day
6th May - National Beverage Day
7th May - Space Day
7th May - World Cake Day
8th May - National Archery Day
9th May - World Fair Trade Day
9th May - Mothers Day (USA)
11th May - 16th May - National Vegetarian Week (UK)
11th May - National Chocolate Fish Day (NZ)
12th May - National Limerick Day (UK)
13th May - World Cocktail Day
13th May - International Hummus Day
15th May - FA Cup final (Football/Soccer)
15th May - National Marshmallow Day (Au)
16th May - International Day of Light
16th May - National Barbecue Day
17th May - World Baking Day
17th May - National Children's Day (UK)
18th May - 31st May - National Smile Month (UK)
20th May - World Bee Day
21st May - World Meditation Day
21st May - 6th June - Ice Hockey World Championships
22nd May - World Goth Day
22nd May - National Craft Distillery Day
22nd May - National Maritime Day
22nd May - National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
23rd May - 30th May - English Wine Week
23rd May - 6th June - French Open, Tennis
24th May - Brother’s Day
25th - 29th May - Chelsea Flower Show
25th May - Wine Day
26th May - National Senior Health & Fitness Day
28th May - National Burger Day (Au)
29th May - National Biscuit Day
29th May - UEFA Champions League Final
29th May - June 5th - Invictus Games
30th May - National Creativity Day
31st May - Spring Bank Holiday
31st May - National Smile Day
31st May - 6th June - Garden Wildlife Week (UK)


1st June - Beginning of Summer
1st June - World Milk Day 
1st June - Global Day of Parents
1st June - 30th - Pride Month
2nd June - National Running Day
3rd June - 8th June - National Coaching Week (UK)
3rd June - National Egg Day (USA)
3rd June -National Fish and Chips Day (UK)
4th June - National Cheese Day
6th June - 14th June - ISA World Surfing Games
6th June - 13th June - National Bike Week (UK)
6th June - Eyewear Day
6th June - National Gardening Exercise Day
11th June - European Football Final
12th June - World Gin Day
12th June - National Red Rose Day
12th June - National Loving Day
12th June - International Falafel Day
12th June - 13th June - 24 Hours of Le Mans Endurance Motor Race
13th June - Cupcake Day (UK)
13th June - National Children’s Day
14th June - International Bath Day
15th June - National Beer Day (UK)
15th June - National Smile Power Day
15th June - Nature Photography Day
16th June - Vegetables Day
16th June - National Vegemite Day
17th June - June 22nd - Neighbours Week (UK)
17th June - 20th June - US Open (Golf)
18th June - National Go Fishing Day
18th June - International Sushi Day
18th June - Wear Blue Day
20th June - Father’s Day (UK)
20th June - International Surfing Day
20th June - Longest Day of the Year, Summer Solstice
21st June - 30th June - World Well Being Week
21st June - International World Music Day
21st June - International Day of Yoga
21st June - National Selfie Day
23rd June - 27th June - Glastonbury Festival
23rd June - National Pink Day
26th June - 8th July - Tour de France (Cycling)
26th June - Summers Giving
26th June - National Coconut Day
27th June - National Sunglasses Day
28th June - 11th July - Wimbledon (Tennis)
28th June - National Logistics Day
28th June - Amazon Prime Day
29th June - National Camera Day
30th June - Social Media Day


1st July - July 30th - Plastic Free Month
4th July - American Independence Day
6th July - International Kissing Day
7th July - World Chocolate Day
11th July - Cheer Up The Lonely Day
12th July - National Simplicity Day
13th July - Cow Appreciation Day
14th July - National Nude Day
15th July - National Give Something Away Day
15th July - I Love Horses Day
15th - 18th July - British Open (Golf)
17th July - World Emoji Day
20th July - National Moon Day
22nd July - School Holidays (differs per school)
22nd July - National Refreshment Day
23rd July - 8th August - The Olympic Games
23rd July - Gorgeous Grandma Day
24th July - National Cousins Day
25th July - National Wine and Cheese Day
25th July - National Parent’s Day
26th July - National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
27th July - Love is Kind Day
27th July - National Scotch Day (USA)
28th July - National Milk Chocolate Day
29th July - National Lipstick Day
30th July - National Father-in-Law Day
31st July - National Avocado Day


1st August - Yorkshire Day (UK)
1st August - National Girlfriends Day
1st August - National Friendship Day
1st August - National Sisters Day
2nd August - Summer Bank Holiday
2nd August - Colouring Book Day
3rd August - National Night Out Day
5th August - National Underwear Day
6th August - International Beer Day
6th August - Cycle to Work Day (UK)
7th August - Play Outside Day
8th August - Global Sleep Under The Stars Night
8th August - National Happiness Happens Day
9th August - Book Lovers Day
10th August - 15th August - Afternoon Tea Week
10th August - National Lazy Day
11th August - Son’s and Daughter’s Day
11th August - National Bakewell Tart Day (UK)
12th August - National Vinyl Record Day
13th August - National Prosecco Day
13th August - International Left Handers Day
15th August - National Leathercraft Day
15th August - National Relaxation Day
16th August - National Tell a Joke Day
16th August - National Rum Day
17th August - National I LOVE My Feet Day!
19th August - World Photo Day
19th August - National Potato Day
21st August - National Senior Citizens Day
24th August - 5th September - Paralympic Games (Tokyo)
26th August - National Dog Day
28th August - National Burger Day
28th August - National Red Wine Day
28th August - National Bow Tie Day
29th - 30th August - Notting Hill Carnival
30th August - 12th September - US Open (Golf)
30th August - National Beach Day
31st August - Summer Bank Holiday
31st August - Solheim Cup (Golf)
31st August - National Matchmaker Day


1st September - 5th September - World Rowing Masters Regatta
1st September - 29th September - Organic September (UK)
1st September - National Wildlife Day
4th September - World Beard Day
4th September - National Fish and Chip Day (UK)
5th September - Back to School (differs per school)
6th September - Read a Book Day
7th September - National Beer Lover’s Day
9th September - National Teddy Bear Day
12th September - National Chocolate Milkshake Day
12th September - National Video Games Day
13th September - National Peanut Day
13th September - National Programmers Day
14th September - 19th September - National Hygiene Week
14th September - National Live Creative Day
15th September - National Online Learning Day
16th September - World Guacamole Day
17th September - National Tradesmen Day
17th September - International Guinep Day
18th September - 26th September - UCI Road World Championships
18th September - 16th October - Women's World Cup (Rugby)
18th September - National Dance Day
18th September - National Gymnastics Day
21st September - 26th September - International Week of Happiness
21st September - National IT Professionals Day
22nd September - Business Women’s Day
22nd September - Autumnal Equinox
23rd September - Celebrate Bisexuality Day
24th September - 26th September - Ryder Cup (Golf)
24th September - National BRAVE DAY
25th September - National Daughter’s Day
25th September - National Singles Day
27th September - World Tourism Day
27th September - National Scarf Day
28th September - 5th October - Wool Week (UK)
28th September - World Marmite Day
28th September - National Drink Beer Day
29th September - National Women’s Health & Fitness Day
30th September - World Rowing Coastal Championships
30th September - National Sporting Heritage Day (UK)


1st - 31st October - Black History Month (UK)
1st - 31st October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
1st - 31st October - Go Sober for October (Stopober)
1st October - International Coffee Day
1st October - National Manufacturing Day
1st October - National Hair Day
1st October - World Vegetarian Day
2nd October - World Smile Day
3rd October - London Marathon
3rd October - National Techies Day
3rd October - National Boyfriend Day
4th October - October 9th - World Space Week
4th October - World Animal Day
4th October - National Golf Lover’s Day
5th October - International Astronomy Day
5th October - World Teachers Day
5th October - National Do Something Nice Day
6th October - National Plus Size Appreciation Day
6th October - National Noodle Day
7th October - National LED Light Day
7th October - 12th October - National Curry Week
9th October - National Chess Day
10th October - World Mental Health Day
10th October - World Porridge Day
10th October - National Cake Decorating Day
12th October - Ada Lovelace Day
13th October - National Curves Day
14th October - October 19th - National Baking Week (UK)
14th October - National Dessert Day
15th October - Boss’s Day
16th October - World Food Day
17th October - 24th October - World Rowing Championships
18th October - 15th October - ICC World T20 (Cricket)
21st October - Apple Day (UK)
22nd October - National Nut Day
22nd October - Make a Dog’s Day
23rd October - Wear it Pink (UK)
23rd October - National Make A Difference Day
24th October - National Food Day
24th October - United Nations Day
24th October - World Tripe Day
24th October - National Mother-in-Law Day
25th October - World Pasta Day
26th October - National Pumpkin Day
28th October - Chocolate Day
29th October - Cat Day
31st October - Halloween
31st October - Magic Day
31st October - BST ends


1st - 30th November - Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)
1st November - World Vegan Day
1st November - Authors’ Day
1st November - National Brush Day
2nd November - Melbourne Cup (Horse Racing)
4th November - Candy Day
5th November - Guy Fawkes Night
5th November - National Cash Back Day
11th November - Remembrance Day
11th November - Singles Day (Alibaba)
13th November - World Kindness Day
14th November - Remembrance Sunday
14th November - Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights)
16th November - November 22nd - National Book Week (Scotland)
19th November - International Men's Day
19th November - National Soup Day (De)
20th November - National Child’s Day
21st November - Entrepreneurs Day
22nd - International Kimchi Day
25th November - Thanksgiving (USA)
26th November - Black Friday
28th November - Hanukkah (Jewish Festival)
29th - November - Cyber Monday
30th November - St Andrew’s Day


4th December - National Cookie Day
4th December - National Sock Day
4th  December - Small Business Saturday (UK)
10th December - National Lager Day
11th December - Mountain Day
13th December - Green Monday (online retail peak)
13th December - 18th December - FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)
14th December - Christmas Jumper Day
15th December - International Tea Day
18th December - National Muffin Day (Br)
20th December - 5th January - UK Ramblers annual Festival of Winter Walks
21st December - Winter Solstice
21st December - Crossword Puzzle Day
24th December - Christmas Eve
25th December - Christmas Day
26th December - Boxing Day
28th December - Bank Holiday
31st December - New Year’s Eve


Why is an ecommerce marketing calendar important?

Used properly, an Ecommerce Marketing Calendar will help a marketeer to organise their work and bring topical relevance to campaigns. Having a focus on relevant dates will help customer engagement and improve sales conversion.

How to use an ecommerce marketing calendar?

Look through the calendar dates and select those that relate to your target customer demographic. Then use those dates for email shots, blog posts, social media campaigns and events that tie together your customer interests with the specific focus for the calendar day or period along with specific products around which you have special promotions.

How to Increase sales conversions using an ecommerce marketing Calendar

Use the calendar event/focus to target new channels or ways to promote what you sell. For example, if the event relates to a particular hobby then consider targeting a popular blog that is active on that subject area.

Organise sales campaigns around an Ecommerce Marketing Calendar

Group calendar events into niche themes and then try to develop a group following targeting special interest groups.

How much of a Marketing Calendar changes each year?

Around 20% of the Ecommerce Marketing Calendar changes each year. This is usually because an event is tied to a particular day of the week.

How to maintain your Ecommerce Marketing Calendar

Keep this page as a linked favourite and check back for updates.

The INDEZ commerce Marketing Calendar is a great way to make your marketing campaigns more interesting and engaging. Theme them around the different seasons, the months and even specific days throughout the year. If you sell sportswear then having a newsletter that relates to the Rugby Five Nations or Wimbledon will aid engagement. Add a splash of colour to coincide with India’s Holi Day or focus on lighting during Diwali Day. Make some noise for Guy Fawkes night or offer a frightening bargain on Dios Los Muertos day. Offer something blue and white for St Andrews Day as well as anything associated with stars or stripes for US Independence day.

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