March 7, 2021

Glasgow Ecommerce Club

Dr Peter Mowforth

Most of the people wanting help with answers in and around ecommerce and many of those with the answers are from the same community of people involved in ecommerce. A great way to help develop this community is by bringing people together into a semi-formal club.

A Glasgow Ecommerce Club is starting off in Glasgow on 6th November at 5.30pm.

The event  is in Room C:04:044, City of Glasgow College 190 Cathedral St, Glasgow G4 0RF

The club will meet once a month.

For security access to the college we will need you to confirm that you are coming. Please notify us at: if you wish to attend. This is important (a) because the College operates a security process that needs to be followed and (b) we need to know how much tea, coffee and biscuits are needed.

The purpose of the club is to provide a physical meeting space where representatives of ecommerce businesses and those involved in web design, ecommerce marketing, fulfilment, retail and wholesale can meet to discuss ecommerce. This will be a chance for both peer-to-peer learning as well as having invited guest speakers (ten minute max). People can announce news items and discuss issues around technical trends, recruitment, quick wins, platforms, payments, couriers, product photography, courses, qualifications, etc, etc.

Ann-Maree Morrison along with others from the Institute of Ecommerce has run the Ecommerce Club at Stirling for 8 years and will be on hand to help direct discussions and make sure that everyone gets as much out of the event as possible.

We’re in the process of bringing in a major sponsor to encourage attendees with Pizza-n-Pop. The Institute of Ecommerce has backing and support from the following organisations:

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