March 7, 2021

How does Halloween impact Ecommerce businesses and their online sales?

Dr Peter Mowforth

Halloween is seasonal. It occurs once a year on the 31st of October where search volumes show a single annual spike that’s preceded by a three month (yes, three month!) build up of interest. Look at the daily detail of that world-wide interest and you see it peaks on Sundays and grows exponentially in the lead up.

While Halloween may well be of Celtic pagan origins, following Christian reinterpretation it’s been adopted most enthusiastically by our American cousins. They alone in 2015 (pitch) forked out over $6.9 billion with the average American party lavishing $74 dollars of custom trick-or-treating on the younger members of the family. That’s certainly a halloween business cake worth having a slice of.While the American market for Halloween-related products is the most mature, it’s not necessarily where the greatest opportunities lie.

The world map shows countries with the greatest sales opportunity represented by deeper shades of blue.The above table shows that although some countries have much lower search volumes, because the cost of Google advertising is very much less, they represent greater opportunities for selling. The UK has almost a third of the search volume of the US even though the US has five times the population. Once again, the UK has a population more in-tune with online purchasing than almost any other country. These advantages for UK selling become even more clear once you factor in ‘Intent To Buy’ statistics which show UK internet users more trusting when buying online than people from most other countries.

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