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INDEZ Magento 2 Websites

INDEZ Magento 2 websites are the ultimate Magento solution for those wanting to trade online and compete internationally with the best suppliers in your market.

INDEZ Magento 2 websites feature an affordable Enterprise-quality, sales optimisation, business integration and marketing layer which sits on top of Magento 2 and contains all of the vital elements needed for real Ecommerce success for businesses of all sizes.

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INDEZ Conversion Engine
  • Beautiful Fully Responsive Design
  • Inbuilt A/B Testing Tools
  • Phenomenally Flexible Mega Menu
  • Powerful Web Application Firewall
  • Design for Usability and Sales
  • Unique Fully Responsive Banners
  • Advanced Ecommerce SEO Layer
  • Touch Friendly Product Showcasing
  • Highly Optimised Checkout
  • Slick Category Refinement
  • Blisteringly Fast Load Times
  • Allows Rapid Multi-Store Set-ups

The most important part of automated Ecommerce marketing is the setup of intelligent Inventory-Aware Google AdWords and BingAds Text Ads which create/update Ads automatically with product prices, availability etc. Google AdWords and Bing Shopping Ads are also setup with realtime stock/pricing synchronisation.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to increase sales, with very high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and without any initial cashflow deficit. Typically our customers see between a 5-10 times return in profit (20-30 times return in Revenue) via this channel.

Remarketing is an essential component of every successful Ecommerce website as it allows segementation of customers (e.g. those who did not buy) and Dynamic Remarketing Ads or Banner Ads to persuade customers to come back to your website to complete orders, cross sell, target customer who haven't bought in a while etc.

We can work with you to create a tailored Loyalty & Rewards program for your business which allows custom rules for earning and spending points, rewarding customers on behaviours (e.g. adding reviews, newsletter signup, referring friends, birthdays etc), moving customers to VIP price tiers based on how much they've spent with you etc.

INDEZ can provide a Customer Lifecycle Marketing Strategy with 3rd party integrations to help your business increase sales, maximise customers lifetime value, minimise abandoned baskets, re-engage with inactive customers, increase user generated content e.g. product reviews, earn trust and getting the most out of your loyalty program.

INDEZ Market Places

Selling Worldwide

Our clients sell to 80+ countries due to ultra-accurate GeoIP detection with real-time currency conversion and geo-specific nuances e.g. automated translation, local sizing, local payment optimisation, Global CDN's and many more.

Somerset 10 anos Cider Brandy R$22.93

Uma das nossas aventuras fonte do produto nos levou para Somerset, onde descobrimos mais um tesouro britânico pouco conhecido, Cider Brandy. Somerset 10 anos de idade é um espírito complexo e maduro com riqueza Pudim do Natal.

INDEZ Market Places

Our clients sell many millions of pounds of products each year on marketplaces which can account for up to 25% of annual sales. We can fully integrate your website with the 23 eBay marketplaces, 7 Amazon marketplaces, Rakuten/, Tesco Direct, Etsy and Xsellco.

INDEZ Market Places

Enterprise-Level, PCI Compliant Security is included by default with all INDEZ Magento website builds. This comprehensive security lockdown includes:

Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform

Our websites are built on top of Magento 2 "Open Source" or "Commerce". Magento is number one Ecommerce CMS platform in the World with a 29.8% market-share.

  • Trusted by over 280,000 businesses
  • Enterprise Quality Solution
  • No Agency "Lock-In"
  • Open-Source Software
  • Agency agnostic and Futureproof
  • Massively Scaleable Solution
  • Suited to Businesses of All Sizes
  • Complete Client Control
  • Hundreds of 3rd party extensions
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Bitbucket/Git Version Control
  • PCI Compliant
INDEZ Magento Support

INDEZ provides comprehensive Magento Support packages which contain all of the ingredients for a healthy and successful Ecommerce Business. Prices start from £500 per month, please get in touch to request a brochure and pricing using the button below.

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